What You Need to Know About Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a tool used to help protect your teeth. They are commonly used when you need a large filling. A dentist may also suggest that you get a dental crown if you have had a root canal. In some cases, people will get dental crowns to add a little extra sparkle in their mouths. 

Why Get Dental Crowns? 

Getting a dental crown is a great way to protect your teeth without having to remove your entire tooth. When you have decay on your tooth, you may think that it would be simple to remove the tooth and get an implant. However, this can be expensive, and a crown can be a cheaper option. A crown will serve as protection to your teeth and gums and will not allow any bacteria to get down to the root. An infection can quickly make you sick and with your mouth close to your brain and heart, you could end up severely sick or even dying. This is why it is so important to protect your teeth in whatever way possible. 

The Procedure 

You will first make an appointment with your local dentist about getting dental crowns downers grove IL. The very first step your dentist will do is to take x-rays and inspect your teeth. Once they have selected the tooth that needs the crown, they will apply the local anesthetic. You might be wondering why they do that on a tooth that has already had a root canal. They do this because they will be near your gum, which will cause pain. The anesthetic will make you completely numb so that you do not have to feel pain. 

When your gum is numb, the dentist will begin making the dental crown. You will need to choose what type of crown you want. For crowns that are porcelain or ceramic, your dentist will have to match the shade of your teeth. If you are getting a gold crown or any other type, they will not have to do that. The dental assistant will work on making an impression of your teeth. This will allow the dentist to make the right crown for your teeth. This process will take a while so be expecting to be at your dental office for a while and in some cases, you will need to get a temporary crown if the dental office cannot get your crown made that day. 

Once the crown is prepared, your dentist will ensure that you are numb and begin chipping away at your tooth so that the dental crown will fit. This may take a while to ensure a perfect fit. Your recovery time after this procedure should be short. You should be able to go back to work, the very next day. 

If you are in need of dental crowns, do not hesitate to contact your dentist. They can help you to get the dental work that you need to be done and will help you to have the dental health that you need. If you have problem teeth, consider getting dental crowns today.