Positive and negative vibes

When we meet someone new often we get some kind of feelings from them. We end up liking some people while we dislike others. The reasons are although simple to understand that it is the effect of vibes that a person generates towards –you. Some people send positive vibes with their aura and our mind receives it in a similar way while others emit negative vibes which our mind may not approve and thus we do not feel good about their presence.

Lets us understand what the vibes and what is the effect of vibes on human beings?

Vibes are the waves that are created as a result of our thoughts. What we think becomes the part of our personality. Our actions are based at the pattern of our thinking. When we see someone- what we perceive or think of the situation at first becomes our vibes. When you enter a room full of people you emit and receive a lot of vibes- which are the waves of positive and negative thoughts emitted by various people. You may like some people while you may dislike some without even starting the conversation with them. This is the effect of vibes.

Can we alter our vibes?

Yes, we can alter our vibes to a certain extent by improving our thoughts. For example if you are a person with a negative mindset or a sad outlook towards everything in life- you can alter your vibes by changing the pattern of your thinking.

 Now the question is that- how to change your own thoughts?

Consciousness can make the difference. There are certain practices that can help us in improving the quality of our thoughts thus altering the effect of vibes to a significant level. Meditation is one of the most popular techniques which can be very effective in this context.

The best thing about meditation is that you do not need any warm up or preparation for doing it. It can be done anywhere, anytime- no equipment needed.

With meditation we raise our sleeping consciousness and realise the importance of present moment awareness. We are able to feel the bliss in our life which is present in the form of –nature, people in our life, health etc.

When we connect with our higher self we realise the worth of everything present around us and thus we respect them more. Meditation brings the best in you forward. Therefore, you should pursue meditation to alter your negative vibes into positive ones.

When we meditate we realise that not only our vibes are becoming positive we are also able to receive the positive vibes from the other people. Just like us, everyone comes with their sets of shortcomings and thus needs acceptance. With meditation we learn to accept others along with their weaknesses and understanding their perspectives.

Vibes can also be altered by the reciting some vedic mantras imparted by our ancestors which create harmonious vibes in our mind. These Vedic mantras are meant to create a balance of tranquillity with their recitation.

There are a number of ways that can help us in altering the effect of vibes that we emit and receive. We need to be more careful about what we think about ourselves as well as others for making them positive or negative.