Top 3 cardio machines of all time

There are a lot of workout machines out there and knowing the ones which will be the best fit is quite a hectic job, but there are few cardio machines out there which can be really good for your body and can help you to get your body in a perfect shape. So, here are few of the top cardio workouts machines, which you can use and change your body, have a look;

  • Treadmill:

It is one of the most common exercise machines out there, almost every gym has it and most of the people own it on their own so that whenever they get free time on their hands they do the treadmill for a couple of hours. It is the best way to have a some sort of whole body workout and if you add this to your daily workout routine then you will see the difference after some time.

  • Model Indoor Rowing Machine:

It is a high tech machine and it is designed in a way that it can offer you its services for lifetime. With this workout machine, you can keep a track of all of your results, like; distance, calories counter, speed and all of that. It is a user friendly machine and is a great way to do cardio. You will not find this machine in every gym, it is not that common.

  • Schwinn AD6 Air Dyne UPRIGHT Exercise Bike:

If you are looking for a cardio and for a whole body workout as well then you need to have this workout machine. It is great for your arms and thighs; it keeps them in shape as well. It is one of the most common cardio workout machines, and you will find this in almost every gym and a lot of people have it in their homes as well, as it is not that expensive.

So, according to me these are the top three cardio workout machines, which you should add on your daily workout routine, as these will be really beneficial for you and they will help you to keep your body in shape. If you want to know more about cardio and machines, that which workout to follow and all of that then you can visit this website, which is;, just visit and you will get to know all about cardio workouts and everything.