What to Do with The Financial Burden and Cost of Senior Living Solutions

Are you worried about where mom and/or dad are going to be? Is your elderly parent ready to move in to an assisted living center or senior home? Or maybe your parent is a little stubborn and doesn’t wish to leave their home even though they live alone, find it hard to move around, or live in a rural area with minimal neighbors. We’ve all been through it or will go through it, and sometimes being the sole provider for your parents in their elderly age isn’t the most logical or appropriate senior living solution. As much as we wish to take care of our parents during their elderly years, sometimes work, travel, and other family or financial matters may get in the way.

To show your parents how you still care and love for them, it’s important to do extensive research on senior living solutions. These solutions can range from in-home to your parent moving into a senior living community. There is something for every elder at some point in their older age. 

Fast forward: you’ve found the perfect solution, you’re ready to commit but the expense is too costly, and you can’t carry the financial burden all on you and your parents own. It can be quite costly receiving in-home nurse care or living in a senior community. Many homes and programs will take almost all insurance, and then there are many that won’t. One of the most popular forms of insurance for elderly folks is Medicaid. A lot of us in our old age will use Medicaid to help with our medical expenses from our day of retirement. Paying out of pocket isn’t always a financially sound choice for a lot of us when it comes to assisted living solutions.

Paying For Senior Care, a website specialized in offering resources, support, and advice for dealing with the financial cost of senior care, writes this in an article on paying for assisted care, “Financial assistance from Medicaid for assisted living comes through several different types of Medicaid programs. The most common of which are Medicaid Waivers, also called Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Waivers…” The site continues to explain that the amount of states offering these waivers has increased rapidly in more recent years and senior living assistance could potentially be available nationwide in the future. The site also states that as of 2018 Medicaid pays for some expenses and cost of senior living and care in forty-three out of fifty states. If you are in the area, then look no further for the best people to help you figure out the costs and solutions for the senior in your life. Medicaid Specialist Massapequa NY services are available with the previous link. 

These specialists and Medicaid experts are located in Smithtown, NY and serve the Massapequa, oyster Bay, and all of Long Island area communities. You can contact them with any questions you may have on senior living solutions including any and all questions you may have about finances, cost, and more. You can also visit their website for more information on senior living solutions and assisted care living costs.