Behaviors Of Alcoholics

When you undergo compulsive drinking, you can be called an alcoholic. All of us know that consuming alcohol is not something to be credited of. It has major negative effects that impact not only on your body but also damages you mentally. If you notice keenly, there are certain signs of an alcoholic drinker.

Many a times it happens that the person with whom you are in love and plan to spend the rest of your life with, has an alcohol addiction. The saddest part of this is that you do not even know about his addiction. Unknowingly, you get married and later on the marriage does not work. It ultimately leads to broken marriage and finally to divorce. In order to identify if your man is an alcoholic or not, check out if he has these following habits:

  • Lying or hiding

Denial is a very common phenomenon to all drinkers and problem alcoholics. They lie about how much they have drunk so that it does not seem to be a heavy issue. This is really a tough job to spot out. But it is really an important sign of serious drinking.

  • Drinking to relax or feel good

Most of the people put emotional turmoil and stress as the reason for inculcating drinking. Be it stress, anxiety or depression, relying on alcohol for lighting down the stress can be detrimental. People keep on doing this can turn it to a habit. Although it provides temporary relief but its impact upon a person’s external body is heinous. If you drink more on a stressful day, it is a clear indication of being an alcohol addict.

  • Blacking out regularly

Sometimes you drink so much that you end no having any memory of the present. Well, this is another red flag for alcoholics. It means that you drank too much to notice anything happening around you.

  • Being unable to stop

If you finish a bottle of wine at one go or gulp a beer bottle as soon as it is opened, this is a clear indication of the fact that you are in full control of drinking practice and have lost all minds. This is not at all a healthy habit.

  • Drinking in dangerous situations

Sometimes people land up drinking in places that they really should not like in the office, in between a meeting, in conferences, or in any family function. This is an important sign of problem drinking. It implies that your urge for alcohol is so high that you end up losing all sense and drinking in important occasions. Also, this habit shifts your from the good books of many people. After all, rigorous drinking is not considered as a good habit.

  • Neglecting responsibilities

If you are facing problem at your workplace, school or in the house because of drinking, then you have a serious problem. Alcohol has gone beyond the occasional consumption to something that brings an impact your day to day functioning.

  • Having trouble in relationships

This is a very common phenomenon. Many people end up their marriages because of some bad habits of one or the other. One such recurrent bad habit is drinking often. The alcoholics go to such extent where alcohol becomes the priority over the family.

If you notice such symptoms in your near and dear ones, check out the lighthouse treatment.