Gym Machines for Abs

Tired of usual abs workouts at your home? Want the best gym machines for abs workout? Well, you can easily fulfill your needs of perfect abs. Lying down the floor and facing upward for an abdominal workout is no more useful for everyone. To know more about gym machines for Perfect Abs you can check out

You can work on your abdominal muscles at gyms that have useful types of equipment and machines with professional trainers. Here is a list of best abs workout machines used in almost every gym.

Rowing Machine

The rowing movement is really tricky because your body functions from top to bottom. Your legs are used to push yourself while dragging the handle with the help of your arms and back.

 Your main mechanism in each stage is to support the movements and maintain the accurate positioning of your body while doing the exercise. You cannot afford the misuse of movements because you may suffer from lower back problems. So, fine movements are the top priority.

You can easily burn around 700-1100 calories per hour on average. But there are other things necessary to consider for abs workout.

Exercise Ball

The exercise ball is now commonly used in every gym but it was not so common before few years. You can strengthen your abdominal muscles with this exercise ball as it is very lightweight, big, and bouncy. You can develop abdominal crunches that appear on a mat can be refined with the help of this ball.

First of all, sit on the middle point of the ball and balance yourself by putting your feet straight on the floor. Keep your torso and thighs correspondingly to the ground and lie back on the ball. You can either zigzag your arms or put them behind the head.

 When your abdominal muscles getting tight lift up your torso to the point where your shoulders also lift from the ball. Lower down back and repeat with 2 sets of making 15 to 20 repetitions.  

Medicine Ball

This ball is not lightweight as an exercise ball. It has the size of a basketball and weighted more than an exercise ball. Medicine balls are not new balls they have been using for years in gyms for free weights and abs equipment.

You can use this ball in lots of different abdominal exercises such as medicine ball tap. You can practice medicine ball tap while standing with little-bent knees. Your feet and shoulder width should not be together.

Hold the medicine ball with your both hands and set your back 2 feet away from a wall. Extend out your arms towards your chest. Get started with the ball in front of you and turn your arms a little while rotating to the right at your waist until the ball starts touching the wall.

Keep rotating your waist to the center and to the left. You can finish it by rotating to the center and repeat 15 repetitions.

For perfect abs and biceps you need heavy workout and for that the perfect choice would be a hammer strength machines for workout, you’ll get the perfect body you’ll always desired for in no time.