Is Candy Really an Enemy to Your Oral Health?

Children love candy, and it is an intricate part of childhood. Children love getting candy as a treat, as a reward, and as part of holiday traditions. They also love making candy with their parents. Many families have traditions that involve candy and find it extremely difficult to cut it completely out of their child’s diet, or even their own diet. 

At some point, all parents have provided their child with sugar-packed candy at some point, even if they do not provide it on a regular basis. The truth is, these candies have absolutely no nutritional value, but everyone gives into their child’s want for a sweet treat at some point or another.

Is Candy the Main Cause of Cavities?

Candy itself is not a serious threat to your child’s teeth, if it is consumed in moderation, your child brushes regularly, and they suck on the candy. However, the American Dental Association has warned against allowing your child to chew on hard candy. Not only does this embed pieces of candy between their teeth, which can be hard to remove, but it also causes serious dental emergencies. 

Your local family dentist Durham NC has probably explained the dangers of chewing on hard candy. Not only can it cause cavities, or sugar bugs, between your child’s teeth, it can also lead to chipped and broken teeth if it is bitten. 

Chocolate and Tooth Decay

Almost everyone consumes chocolate on a regular basis. Chocolate has many health benefits that are well-documented. The most notable health benefit is that it contains antioxidants. It can also enhance our brain’s overall performance and provide much needed blood vessel support for patients who are being treated for heart disease. Just like with any other food, you should only consume chocolates in moderation to prevent damage to your teeth. You should also ensure that you brush your teeth on a regular basis, especially after you have consumed sweets. 

Since milk is so important to the average diet, you the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists have openly stated that you should not be afraid to add chocolate milk to your child’s diet. Milk provides your child with great nutrition, and young children are more likely to drink chocolate milk than they are to drink regular milk. The ingredients found in chocolate milk are not determined to cause tooth decay on their own, as long as they consume it in moderation and properly care for their teeth at home. 

The Cause of Tooth Decay

For years, we have been told that candy causes tooth decay and cavities. However, the truth about candy is a little more complicated than originally presented. Yes, candy is extremely sticky and is sweeter than any other food substance we could consume. However, the refined sugar is not the only cause of cavities that we face on a daily basis. Foods that are acidic, even if they are natural, can cause a lot more damage to our teeth than candy that is consumed responsibly, and in moderation.

If you believe your child has a cavity, or is developing dental problems, contact their dentist right away to schedule an appointment. Since dental problems in childhood can cause difficulty with oral health in adulthood, any oral health problem should be treated immediately.