What is the Annual Enrollment Period AEP and how you can avail it

Being enrolled in one of the Medicare plans is something that benefits you a lot regarding your health concerns. However, if you wish to change the coverage plan at some later stage, it is possible to do so but in a specific period. This time segment is known as the Annual Enrollment Period or the AEP for Medicare. The enrollment period is announced so that the beneficiaries could switch their program and get the desired par as they require. For the running period of 2019 Medicare Annual Election Period is now announced to start from January 1st and will end by 31st March.

Sign up period for Part A and Part B

If you are looking forward to getting enrolled or sign up for Part A or B, you will need to pay attention to the initial enrollment period. This is the time that covers seven months around your birthday when you turn 65. That is to say; the enrollment period stretches upon three months before you turn 65, the month you turn 65 and three months after you turn 65. This is the initial period; however, if on some later stage you wish to switch the program, then you can avail the AEP that stretches from January 1st to March 31st each year.

The Guarantee Right

There are certain other exceptional circumstances when you can switch the plan even if it is not the Annual Enrollment Period AEP. The claim for getting the policy changed is referred to as Guaranteed Issues Right or the Medigap Protections. In these cases, the company providing you the plan is must offer you specific Medigap policies to switch to. Here are the offers that an insurance company must have to present to you in some special circumstances.

  • The company must be willing to sell you a Medigap policy
  • The company must bear all the expenses relevant to health
  • Cannot charge you anything more than necessary, neither from past nor present health problems

Medicare Annual Disenrollment Period

If you could not avail the AEP or the annual enrollment period from Medicare, then chances are then you are looking forward to some opportunity to have in this case. The good news comes with the MADP Medicare Annual Disenrollment Period. This period is defined to be the one in which the beneficiaries, who could not avail the AEP get enrolled in some different Medicare plan. The recipients can make the switch as they desire, either go back to the original Medicare plan or switch to the part D, Drug Prescription plan.

So you might have noticed that all these periods are there to make sure that the beneficiaries can best avail the services from Medicare and keep the elderly at best care.