Where are your mortal wounds?

The Academy Awards are now being held. The host announced the best actress in a leading role, but an awkward thing happened when she took the stage to accept the award.

  1. She fell down in public.
  2. Her dress torn by accident.
  3. The others rushed up to accept the award.
  4. When she got to the stage, then she realized that she did not win the prize.

Test results:

  1. Too headstrong

Too headstrong is always your Achilles ‘heel. Because you are so willful, you often let things go wrong because you are thoughtless. Thoughtless you usually only pay attention to your own feelings and ignore the thoughts of others. You will offend many people unconsciously, and keep others away from you. You should learn to listen to them and think for others.

  1. Too weak

You will feel uncomfortable wherever you are. You care too much about what other people think. Similarly, no matter what your mood is, you will always put on a happy face, and keep smiling to others. You suppress your personality, what others say is what others say, and completely ignore your own thoughts. Your negative emotions are building up like a time bomb. You should learn to be yourself more than others to communicate.

  1. Too arrogant

Confidence is a good thing, but if you are arrogant, you will lose yourself. You will neither listen to others’ opinions nor develop yourself. You used to be self-central, never thinking about other people’s feelings. You can make progress only by making a habit of checking yourself every day.

  1. Too timid

Your biggest weakness is that you are too timid and don’t do anything positive. You lack ambition and enthusiasm. When doing things, you are timid, cautious and indecisive. It’s hard to make progress, let alone succeed. You should be more confident.