Do’s And Don’ts Of Bodybuilding One Should Know For Must

Before starting anything new one should do something about it and should know what things to do and what not. So, if you have never hit the gym before and this is your first time then let me tell you few of the do’s and don’ts of body building, and trust me they will be really helpful to you, here, have a look;


  • One thing which you need to do is be consistent in gym, you cannot just skip it every now and then and then expect your body to grow muscles. One needs to make a routine and needs to follow it thoroughly if he or she wants to have a good body.
  • From the starting till the end, the basics are really important. Basic exercise are the pillar of body building, one cannot grow if they do not do them regularly. Few of the basics are; squats, dumbbell, cable crossover machine, dead lifts and there are few more.
  • Having a god eight hour sleep is a must to have if you want to carry on your routine, without it one cannot survive. So, make sure that you do have a good night eight hour sleep, as your body also needs rest to progress, without it progress cannot be done.
  • Do drink a lot of water and keep having small meals after some time, do not take a long break and make sure to have a lot of protein as well.


  • Not changing your exercise routine can cause you delay in your progress and repeating the same exercises for months are not good for anything either. Make a routine, stick to it for a month and then change it. Also, do not change it within a month.
  • Do not over train at any cost, you do not want to over stress your body. It can cause you a serious injury as well, so do not ignore the signs of over training. Resting is really important for your body and for your progress as well.
  • Do not replace substitute with good food. Supplements are great, but food is important, so make sure that you do not replace it with anything. You can also have supplements with good food, but do not replace it.
  • Do not let other things get in to your mind and in your way as well. There will be juices and things which can get you really quick results but they are short time, so do not lose your focus to it. For more details visit: